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Aerial fuse boards

Aerial fuse boards Ranging from 16 ams to 200 ams. Made up of High quality DMC Powder and Heavy Copper parts.


DMC Unbreakable fuses

DMC Unbreakable fuses Ranging from 32 ams to 100 ams with Multi colour suitable for all Panel boards and motor accessories. ( Colour - Black , Red , Yellow , Blue )


Dough Mould Compound Powder

DMC Powder made up of high quality Resins and Aluminium Trihydrate . Suitable for all injection moulding. This is available in multi colour according to customers specifications.


Porcelain kit kat fuse

Porcelain kit kat fuse ranging from 16 ams to 500 ams made up of heavy copper and brass parts suitable for house and Industry.

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