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The New Generation fuses(DMC Kit kat fuse)

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

With the passage of time and with changing in technologies , today the world needs more automated products which ease their day to day life. A person has transformed himself with entire new look from top to bottom. Similarly the industry require more and more new innovative products in its transforming periods. The Electrical industry has made a lot of innovative products in span of 40 years. One such products was Porcelain Kit kat fuses. In the 19th century the Porcelain Rewire kit kat fuses had huge market and there was huge demand of these items. With the passage of time in the 20th century , This fuse industry has transformed many of its old products into its New most advanced Products.

The Porcelain kit kat fuse is now completely replaced with more advanced DMC Kit kat fuses. These fuses is made up of material DMC ( Dough Mould Compound) which protects the body of the fuse from breakage , fire , shock and melt.

These DMC Kit Kat fuses also known as the fuses of New Era has life four times more than the ordinary kit kat fuses.

it comes in different colour for more attractive look.

it comes in different size ranging from 32 ams to 200 ams suitable for all type of Submersible motors,House Panel Boards and Electrical Industries.

It contains strong fibre particles which protects it from breakage. We also call it as Unbreakable fuses.

It contains heavy graded Aluminium Thyhydrate ( ATH) which protects the fuse carrier from heat and shock.

These fuses contains all heavy copper and brass materials which can withstand the required load easily compare to Porcelain fuses.

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